Nutrition Sessions

All sessions will be virtual.

An initial, in-depth nutrition assessment will be completed at your first nutrition session, lasting about an hour. The purpose of this initial assessment is to collect pertinent medical information and to identify your treatment goals. Follow-up sessions, lasting about 30-45 minutes, will be scheduled to discuss and sustain individual progress. Some topics that may be discussed are body image, physical activity/movement, cultural foods, diet culture, fatphobia, social justice, meal planning, identifying hunger and fullness cues, and more. Sessions also include review of food and emotion journals.

Remember that eating disorder recovery is a journey and it won’t be enough to do the assessment and not continue to follow-up. You will start following-up weekly, then may decrease to every other week, then to once a month depending on your progress.

  • Initial Assessment: 60 minutes
  • Follow-up Sessions: 30-45 minutes

It is important that when you are working with The Celestial Life, that you also have a therapist and psychiatrist that you are working with. If you do not have a team, we will work together to find you one.

Nutrition Services Include:

Eating Disorders (including binge eating, ARFID, restricting, night eating, and purging)

Emotional Eating

Incorporating Balance and Variety in Diet

High Blood Pressure/ Heart Disease/ High Cholesterol

General Nutrition

and more!

Add Ons:

  • Restaurant Outing with meal support: varies, starting at $75
  • Virtual Meal Support: $50 per meal
  • Grocery Store Support, including planning (virtual or in-person): $75

Cost and Payment

At this time, I am unfortunately not accepting insurance. At your initial session, a credit or debit card will be charged and kept on file for future sessions. A reduced rate is available for those with financial need. A detailed receipt can be requested for possible reimbursement from your insurance company.

Accepted Payment Methods:


Credit Card

  • Initial 1-hour Nutrition Assessment: $210
  • 30-45-minute follow-up: $125
"It was really great to work with Brianna, not only did she offer nutritional guidance but I always appreciated her insight and encouragement in our individual sessions, all while giving me goals and challenges that were never overwhelming but really made a difference for me."