This is a picture of Brianna sitting on a brown letter couch, wearing a pink sequin dress and a jean jacket.


Brianna Theus, RDN, CDN is an experienced panelist, podcast guest, and speaker. She has participated in the first ever BIPOC ED Conference, various podcasts, seminars, and workshops for conferences, schools, health fairs, church groups, large companies, and more.


Each presentation is tailored to your group. Please inquire about pricing and possible travel if needed here.


Topics Include (but are not limited to):

  • Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorders in the BIPOC and/or Black communities
  • Nutrition and Social Justice
  • Weight Bias and Inclusivity in Your Practice
  • Cultural Foods (including them in your diet; how to focus on them in your practice)
  • Cultural Humility in Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Well-Being from a Holistic View
  • The Intersection of Nutrition, Eating Disorders, and Religion
  • Body Image Through a Black Lens

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