So you want a meal plan?



When people learn that I’m a nutrition major, I get so many questions about what foods to eat, what foods to not eat, when to eat, and more. But the question that I probably get most often is “Can I have a meal plan?” I will NEVER give anyone a meal plan. Why? I’ll just come right out and say it: meal plans don’t work. I know you’re probably feeling shocked and disappointed right now, but it’s the truth. They don’t. Even meal plans written by a dietitian are restrictive (most dietitians won’t write one for you anyway). Eating only the foods and amounts written on a piece of paper is not going to help you. Instead, we need to practice intuitive eating by listening to our bodies’ cues. So when someone asks me for a meal plan, I give them a document with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas, along with a list of nutrition tips that I think are important for everyone to know. 

If you’ve ever wanted a meal plan, then keep reading!

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